A commitment to trust

“When you make a commitment you build hope. When you keep it you build trust”.  Author unknown.

It is not always easy to take the first step of committing to change, is it?

If we are honest it can be downright scary at first.

It brings to mind a child riding a bike down a steep hill for the first time.

Just to impress his buddies he has commited to doing this with sweaty palms and a racing heart.

Once he rides down that hill and finishes it he builds hope that he can master that hill over and over again.

Likewise, when you are determined to make changes for the better then you achieve a real hope.

it is a hope that your circumstances can indeed get better!

The hill may seem steep at first but with sweaty palms and a racing heart you dive headlong knowing that you CAN do it.

And what a wonderful feeling that is when you overcome that hill, isn’t it?

My friend, once you commit to positive change and you keep it then you build trust with others.

These people may be your significant other, your children, your friends or even coworkers.

And trust in turn builds a renewed confidence that you CAN indeed achieve your goals to become a better you.


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