Loneliness is the great equalizer

Loneliness can affect anyone. You can be 12, 30, 60 or yes even beyond.  Many people feel its inner hurt that seemingly presents no escape.  The world always seems so busy but for the lonely of heart the world is at a standstill.  Loneliness can strike the rich, the poor, the strong and the weak.  It is the great equalizer. The sad news is there are those who are so lonely that have chosen to simply give up.

The good news is that you never have to give in to the pain and hurt of loneliness.  Yes I am talking directly to you! Just remember there is always someone who can be a support and a friend.  Sometimes that person is where you least expected them to be. Perhaps at a grocery store, a library or at a barber shop.  There are many opportunities to find a comforting friend when you are lonely.  In other words, when you are traveling the field of life there are many flowers that are blooming.  You have to be willing to pick a few.

You can overcome loneliness and we at Commitment to Hope can provide you the tools and direction to do just that.