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Anthony Saracina



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Telehealth Therapy


Hello, I am Anthony Saracina, LPCC, SUPV

Hello. I would so welcome the opportunity to join you in your therapy experience. I will seek to create a safe and empathic place for you to address those concerns that matter most to you.

 I have a master’s degree in counseling, and I am an independently licensed professional clinical counselor with a supervisory designation. For the past thirty-seven years, I have worked in various mental health settings – including preschool Head Start programs, residential court-involved adolescents, residential gifted high school students, university students, intensive outpatient adult chemical dependency treatment, veterans, adult and geriatric outpatient individual and family counseling.

I am certified in trauma-informed care. Counselors, like clients, should continue a growth process. My philosophy is client-centered, and my approach is to begin where the client is and to pursue those client goals that bring the deepest satisfaction in their relationship with themselves and those they love. 

My treatment methods are client-centered and are geared towards finding what the client desires and assisting the client with reaching those desired outcomes. One way of understanding our lives is understanding the interplay of a biopsychosocial functioning model. Keeping in mind the medical/physical functioning, the psychological/emotional health, and the social relationships of our lives - each constantly interacting with and impacting the other - we look to address concerns in those specific areas and progressively generate improved mental wellness and behavioral functioning.

From our first session and after each session, it is my desire to instill hope in the therapy process - that change is possible and within reach of each individual. I feel that individuals have an internal sense of where they want to be or what they want to be. I genuinely believe therapy can help people grow and develop toward the most cherished ideals. 

Please make an appointment and ask for me to receive a consultation.

Serving all of Ohio through Telehealth

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