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Arnisha Rogers


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Counseling Services


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Hello, I am Arnisha Rogers, LPC, MC

Life can present many challenges that leave an individual such as yourself feeling hurt, unheard, and alone. Does this sound familiar to you? Many good people like yourself have faced obstacles that have caused pain and a loss of self-confidence.

Have you dealt with issues, and it seemed like no one could genuinely empower you to overcome them?  There may have been times when you felt like throwing in the towel and giving up. I understand your frustration with the obstacles you are facing. I aim to have every client leave with a sense of wholeness and inner healing.

I have many years of counseling experience with a diverse population to help you along the journey. My approaches include; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relational therapy, compassion-focused therapy, and emotionally-focused therapy, among others. Everyone has obstacles that are unique to them. I will tailor a plan that is specific to you to empower you to succeed. You can be made whole and gain the confidence to achieve your goals. Please make an appointment.

In-office appointments in Wickliffe, Ohio, and serving all of Ohio

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