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Danielle Cleckner



Counseling Services

Teleheath Therapy


Hello I am Danielle Cleckner, LSW

You may be going through a challenging period in your life. Perhaps you are dealing with a relationship issue you don’t have answers to. Many good folks just like you are also dealing with complicated circumstances. You are not alone. I understand that you are going through circumstances that may be no fault of your own.

I have extensive experience in working with dual-diagnosed individuals. Especially those coping with depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. I have empowered individuals, couples, and families just like yours. I can tailor a plan with you that is unique to your situation. I want you to know that you are not alone. I am ready to empower you to overcome the challenges that you face.

My approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion-focused therapy, and Trauma-focused therapy, among other appropriate methods. I am here to help you cope with and overcome your obstacles. Please contact me and make an appointment in person or through Telehealth. I look forward to treating your needs.

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