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Marvella Donald



Counseling Services


Teleheath Therapy


Hello, I am Marvella Donald, LSW, LICDC, MSW

Sometimes life can present us with challenges that may seem very difficult to overcome by ourselves. But no matter how much you try does it seem like you find yourself desperate for genuine solutions?

Relationship issues, addictions, depression, anxiety, and inner hurt are some of the many challenges that I have helped my clients overcome. I provide my clients with the tools, such as person-centered, reality, family-centered, trauma, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Each of my clients is unique in facing their own challenges. You deserve a safe space to process your situation and be empowered with the tools to achieve self-healing and inner peace. I have many years of experience in working with individuals, couples, and families who are left with the tools to move forward with success.

I will tailor a plan that is specific to you to empower you to succeed. You can be made whole and gain the confidence to achieve your goals. Please make an appointment.


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