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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Everyone is uniquely created.

You are like a unique flower in life; did you know that? Just as no two flowers are exactly alike, neither are people. The experience of each flower is different than any other. Flowers can withstand the winds because they are rooted in the ground.

Likewise, you can be rooted so that no winds of change will destroy you. The flower stands tall throughout the summer, no matter how hot it gets. Individual and Family counseling can help each flower in your home to stay rooted even when the winds of change occur.

Think of the flower’s adversity: winds, cold, heat, and hungry critters! You, my friend, are like that flower. Your adversity may cause you to lose a petal or two, but you can still stand tall with the beauty of a rose. Flowers never wilt when their roots are firmly planted on solid ground and have the proper nutrients.

Life’s challenges are like those autumn days when the flower seemingly succumbs to the wind forces and the season’s changing. However, my friend, eventually, the flower seed regrows another beauty for all to see the following Spring. The resiliency of such a small but beautiful plant!

Like the flower, you can also rise from the adversity of life. You don’t have to let your Autumn be your fall. Marriages can be reborn, relationships can be healed, and individuals can have inner healing.

At Commitment to Hope, we are here to help you ensure that you are rooted and strong. So if you feel like a flower seemingly falling over, you can grow again through effective counseling! Autumn is but a season, but Spring is eternal. We have offices in Canton, Toledo, and Cleveland and serve all of Ohio through Telehealth. Please make an Appointment!

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