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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Anxiety can become all-encompassing.

Anxiety has many factors. Stress is one factor that can cause someone to deal with pressure with fear and worry. For example, one can be a workaholic, while another juggles raising children and home responsibilities. Each individual can begin to have feelings of helplessness and being overwhelmed. Some people even suffer from panic attacks due to stress and anxiety.

Daily life events can also cause anxiety, such as a sick child or an ill spouse. As events pile up, one can begin to take on a flight-or-flight mentality. Does this sound familiar to you? What once felt like total control of a situation now feels like driving on an icy road with ‘bald’ tires. The more you steer, the more things seem to slide out of control.

Poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to anxiety and fear. Sometimes a balance of one’s lifestyle can cure anxiety issues. Environmental factors such as winter storms can lead one to anxiety when traveling to doctor appointments, school, or work. In Ohio, the term is referred to as seasonal depression.

One can also have factors that are heredity in nature which can lead to worry and anxiety. If the mother and father had such fear and worry, those genes are likely passed down to their children. Childhood trauma and abuse can also lead to anxiety in one’s later years. What events we go through in our youth help shape us as teens and adults.

At Commitment to Hope, we understand that many factors can cause anxiety. Our team can treat depression, anxiety, fear, and worry. Everyone is unique, and each individual’s causes of fear, worry, and anxiety differ. Please make an appointment, as we have offices in Toledo, Canton, and Cleveland. We also offer telehealth therapy throughout all of Ohio.,

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