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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Some folks go through situations that are really difficult to overcome alone. Does this sound familiar to you? As the tears flow down your cheeks, the last thing you are considering is mental health therapy. What would my family think? My neighbors and friends may judge me as unable to handle life’s issues. Certainly, I can’t let anyone know what I am going through because I’m afraid they will think I am weak or judge me as someone who is not capable of getting myself together! When we go through a difficult period of time, our fear may be that others will judge us or think less of who we are. I urge you to block out such noise and value yourself as an individual who deserves to overcome challenges.

My friend, when you are going through a difficult time, it is critical that you understand that you are not alone. I can assure you that everyone, at some point, will go through a storm that will test their foundation. Emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, and bitterness are all part of the human experience. The loss of a loved one can cause grief. A breakup of a relationship can lead to depression or bitterness. Human life experiences include laughter and tears. Do not convince yourself that you must live according to what others think of you.

Skilled mental health therapists are capable of helping you overcome challenges that others have faced. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one tool to help you process emotional or relational challenges. Though yours are unique to you, there are tools available to help you cope and find inner peace. No one should feel as though it is best to keep challenges and issues hidden within their hearts. Oftentimes the best path to success is sharing the burden with others. Yes, you may be able to carry a log 100 feet to place it in a fire. It would help keep everyone warm at night. However, it would be much better if someone else could help you carry the log. Even better is having someone show you how to cut the log into smaller pieces so that everyone can share the load.

My friend, at Commitment to Hope, we want you to share the load that has been weighing you down. Our goal is to provide counseling services for all of our fellow Ohioans seeking to ease the burden of life’s challenges. We have a team of licensed professionals with the skills, experience, and knowledge to help good people like yourself. We don’t judge others but rather create a safe space to help them overcome their challenges. We offer telehealth sessions; families, couples, and individuals are all welcome. In addition, we have offices in Cleveland, Canton, and Toledo. Please don’t feel you have to face your burdens alone. If you are in Ohio, give us a call or click on the Make an appointment tab. We look forward to helping you share the load.

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