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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Regrets are sorrow for what could have been

Regrets are sometimes hard to let go of. “If I could have just accomplished this.” Regrets are especially difficult when someone close to us passes away. “What could have been with our relationship if she had not passed away.” So many emotions spring up that it is common for some to focus on regrets to the detriment of one’s good health.

Though we may long to go back in the past and make some things right, that is not always possible. My friend, we must live for today and move forward by coming to terms with our past, including those issues that cause us regrets. No one should be weighed down by what could have or should have happened in the past. Regretting the past can lead to grief, envy, and bitterness.

Though we accept the reality of our past, we also must move from those events that we can’t change. That, my friend, is choosing to forget our regrets. We don’t deny that the events occurred, especially painful ones, but we are willing to move forward on our journey. Sometimes grieving the past and letting go is what heals regret.

Through behavioral therapy, one can eliminate the paralyzing feeling of regret. Sessions allow the client to confront those past events and become empowered to move forward.

At Commitment to Hope, we have therapists prepared to help you deal with your regrets. You are an individual who can create new opportunities for success. Please make an appointment, as we have offices in Toledo, Canton, and Cleveland. We serve all of Ohio through in-person or telehealth therapy.

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