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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

It roars like a lion and pours like Niagara falls. Pain and hurt have a way of stirring the soul so that the end of it seems in the realm of forever. Have you gone through life-altering trauma? Unfortunately, there seems to be no balm that will heal the wound while you deal with inner hurt.

But I write this to remind you that inner peace is always available. Just as lions can be tamed and falls can be stopped with dams, inner trauma can be defeated by inner peace. The child within that cries in pain deserves to be hugged and comforted.

Just as no raging storm lasts forever, neither can disappointment control a heart forever. Broken hearts can be healed, and inner pain can be defused. But, you must first have a vision of peace. My friend, that means to begin to see the calmness even before you have fully embraced it.

A vision of peace is the first step in healing inner pain.

At Commitment to Hope inner peace is possible. Our therapist can help you to make appropriate changes to cope with inner pain and hurt. They will empower you to make changes vital to easing the burden of inner struggles. We serve all of Ohio through telehealth therapy. In addition, our therapists have offices in Cleveland, Toledo, and Canton. Our team is eager to assist you: please make an appointment.



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