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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Nelson Mandela said, ‘The Greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.’ Unfortunately, my friend, we all fall in life sometimes. Failure occurs to everyone from time to time. I am sure you have the scars to prove it; the days you tell yourself, ‘I will not allow this event to hurt me, or ‘I will not repeat the cycle of mistakes that I used to make.

Relationships, particularly marriages, are prone to falling and even failing. Marriages are tested because one or both spouses fail to live up to each other’s expectations. Communication breaks down, blame becomes the norm, and speaking seems to be through yelling and glaring.

Marriages are unique opportunities for two individuals to meld as one. However, often past baggage can bring a certain amount of frustration and anger. Past baggage can also bring expectations that are so high that the other cannot possibly meet them. The result of blame and frustration is a relationship that collapses like a balloon, with the wind slowly leaking out. The ballon has fallen, and now the question is, what shall we do now? My friend, the most important aspect of falling is not remaining on the ground. The best thing we can do is rise back up from the fall. Couples counseling and marital therapy can help marriages slowly fill with the air of hope again. What has fallen can, in most cases, rise again.

At Commitment to Hope, our therapists have the tools and experience to help you to determine why your marriage has fallen. But, just as essential, our team will empower you to rise back up. If you are suffering from relationship issues, will you make an Appointment with our staff and allow us to help you rise back up?

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