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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Tis the season for joy and glad tidings: or so they tell us. However, not everyone can share in the happy holidays. Some good folks are struggling through difficult times in their life. There may be a past relationship, a family member with an illness, or a child who is wayward and skipping school. Someone else can’t find joy because they suffer from a mental illness or anxiety and depression. Someone else cannot find joy and peace because their marriage seems to be on its last leg.

My friend, there is no shame when you go through a difficult time and can’t seem to find pleasure in egg nog and Christmas carols. But, unfortunately, not everyone feels up to sharing yule tide pleasure when life seems to be one obstacle after another. Does this sound familiar to you? You may be that individual who seems to be alone in your struggle while everyone else is hurrying along trying to buy the next Black Friday item on sale.

Though we may find a lump of coal in our stocking due to life’s circumstances, there is no reason to feel we should give up. No matter what life brings us, we have an opportunity to find the good in any event and grow from it. My friend, it is not how often we get knocked down but how often we get back up. Adversity can build character, and character can lead to perseverance which can become a strength to help someone else. I cannot show you how to climb Mount Everest unless I have climbed it first!

During this Holiday season, we should find peace no matter what circumstances life may bring us. At Commitment to Hope, we are here to help you find the good in the events that happened or are happening in your life. We have offices in Cleveland, Toledo, and Canton, Ohio. We also serve all of Ohio through telehealth therapy. Our therapists are eager to assist you in finding the gift of peace and joy for your season. Please make an appointment.



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