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Updated: Jun 19

Loneliness and sadness are genuine feelings.

There often seems to be no easy way for someone to describe the loneliness and sadness they feel from issues that fester from the past. Sometimes, it seems as if you are a lonely dandelion with no one who understands. Do you have feelings like that? The times when you take inventory of your life, you realize that if you could find peace and come to terms with those issues, you would be made whole.

When one goes through sadness, one often finds it challenging to open up and talk about it. The inability to discuss what is causing the sadness can lead to loneliness. The two can go hand-in-hand. What is helpful is having someone else who listens empathetically and offers tools to deal with those feelings.

At Commitment to Hope, our therapists understand those feelings of sadness and loneliness. We recognize when those feelings can lead to depression. Sometimes these feelings can be from a past traumatic event in one’s life. Our team wants you to know that we are here for you.

Our team serves all of Ohio through telehealth and has offices in Toledo, Canton, and Cleveland. We want to help you find wholeness and inner peace. You don’t have to be alone anymore. Please set an APPOINTMENT, and we look forward to speaking with you.

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