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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

  • Be thankful for waking up and seeing the Sunshine and its rays one more day.

  • Be thankful for family, friends, and even strangers who give a smile

  • Be thankful for your loved ones, even though they passed on. You can cherish the memories and experiences forever.

  • Be thankful for your adversity: It is an opportunity for mental and spiritual growth.

  • Be thankful for the Creator who brought you into this world to experience life.

  • Be thankful for those who try to bring you down: you can show inner strength and the dignity of being someone special.

  • Be thankful for a roof over your head and a meal on your table.

  • Be thankful for the laughs that make you feel good all over

  • Be thankful for the tears you shed that remind you that you cared

  • Be thankful for sadness and gladness: it means you are experiencing life.

  • Be thankful that you are not exactly like anyone else. This means you are special and unique like no other in the world.

My friend, we should find every opportunity to be thankful. It is a privilege to experience life’s joys and challenges, for these are opportunities to gain strength, perspective, and inner peace.

At Commitment to Hope. We can help you find reasons to be thankful no matter the adversity you face. You can find peace and gain perspective on the events in your life. Please make an appointment, as we serve all of Ohio through telehealth therapy and have offices in Toledo, Canton, and Cleveland.



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