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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

A goal can be significant in a soccer match. Sometimes all it takes is one shot just beyond the diving goalie for a team to win 1-0 as the crowd roars in appreciation. However, if a team scores many goals, they are more likely to win the match. Soccer legend Pele scored an astounding 1,279 goals in 1,363 games. Pele’s goal amount is the world record for scoring in a legendary soccer career.

My friend, goals are also a significant way of staying organized in one’s life. When one thinks of family dynamics and marriages, goals can provide concrete steps for improvement. For instance, attempts to find harmony may be fruitless without the goal of improving a relationship. The goal is the desired result of the steps we take to reach a predetermined conclusion. When we think of reaching such a goal, we say, ‘That person can see the big picture.

Setting smaller goals to reach the significant goal, in the end, is often necessary. These smaller goals are the steps to reach the larger goal, which is the desired result. For example, if one wants a better relationship with their child or spouse, it is prudent to set small goals with the bigger one in mind. “I will make efforts to listen without responding each day.” “I will not judge unless I have the facts first.” “I will validate the speaker’s thoughts before I respond in kind.”

Setting small goals can lead to reaching bigger ones, such as an improved relationship, forgiveness of others, less stress, and inner peace are some of the many bigger goals that can be achieved. You may not be able to score a goal to win the World Cup; however, you can score goals that can lead to life-changing improvements.

At Commitment to Hope, our therapist can help you to set essential goals for healthy relationships. Our therapists will help empower you to organize and execute goals that are crucial steps to your desired end results. We serve all of Ohio through telehealth therapy and have offices in Cleveland, Toledo, and Canton. Our team is eager to assist you: please make an appointment.

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