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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Stress can be a positive

Stress can be a good thing. For instance, it can boost our performance at work, school, or during an athletic event. How often have we witnessed athletes like Michael Jordan and Lebron James seemingly rise to the occasion under the stress of trailing late in a basketball game? How about when we have seen an Olympic gymnast needing to execute one more near-flawless landing to win the gold, and she does it under the stress and pressure of millions watching? Stress can bring out the best in us while we perform.

The positive effects of stress can bring us renewed motivation. The stress of a mother having to feed her children will motivate a single mother to take on two jobs if necessary. She will do her best because she feels the pressure to succeed and set an example for her children. On the other hand, a deadbeat dad will suffer because he feels no stress about getting a job to support his family. He has relied on the whims of others and is not motivated to change. In those examples, stress can motivate one to be more inclined to a commendable performance, while the other has allowed complacency to reign in his heart.

Stress can be a negative

My friend, stress can become a problem when it becomes too severe for us to handle. When relationships become abusive, or the health of our loved ones starts to deteriorate, stress becomes an enemy, not a friend. Persistent stress can lead to worry, anxiety, exhaustion, and depression. Pressures at work, school, home, and relationships can make one both overwhelmed and burnt out. The life seemingly in control begins to spin out like a vehicle on an icy road. Goals and plans erode as stress becomes a spiderweb of pressure and worry day and night.

You don’t have to live with uncontrolled stress, my friend. You can have the tools to renew your strength to deal with life’s stress to feel both in control and empowered. Just as there are triggers that lead to stress, there are components that can release the pressure. We are here to help you find your release valve from stress.

At Commitment to Hope. We can provide you with calming techniques to help you appropriately handle pressure. You can eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed. We have offices in Cleveland, Canton, and Toledo. In addition, we offer telehealth therapy to serve all of Ohio. Please make an appointment.



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