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Updated: Jun 19

A harmless grudge may become an anchor.

Confucius said, ‘To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it. ‘ Holding a grudge from a past hurt is like an anchor that weighs a person down. The more you try and move forward, the harder it seems to let it go. ‘How can he hurt me like that?’ you may ask. ‘How can she not understand the pain that she caused me?’. The next step is feelings of resentment and bitterness.

Holding on to the hurt someone has caused you can become a grudge. The person who wronged you may have moved on while the anchor of resentfulness continues to weigh you down. Though you may attempt to get rid of it, that resentful feeling seems to be tied to your heart.

A grudge may seem harmless at first, but it can manifest itself in relationship issues, depression, anger, anxiety, and even a feeling of bitterness. A hidden grudge can lead to Marriages torn apart, relationships severed, and friendships ending. The ship cannot possibly sail when such an anchor is tied to it. The voyage is planned, but destiny is never achieved.

At Commitment to Hope, our team is experienced to help you let go of that anchor of grudge. The past hurt you feel can be left once you have the tools to achieve inner peace. Our team can provide marital and family counseling. We are ready to help you along this journey so that the anchor is released and the journey may commence. Please make an appointment today!

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