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Trauma is a real but can be overcome through developing coping skills.

At Commitment to Hope, our counselors understand that you may be dealing with past trauma.  Many good people, just like yourself, have been hurt in the past. It could have been in your childhood, teen years or even in adulthood.  Trauma can take on many forms: neglect, physical or sexual abuse, witnessing or experiencing violence.  The inner feeling is of pain, despair, depression, and sometimes even hopelessness.

A traumatic experience can be from a lone incident, repeated or prolonged, such as domestic violence, or it can be complex, varying from different painful events.  When a person experiences trauma, it impacts the brain in many ways, such as behavior, expression, and reactions.  Have you experienced an event or multiple events that seem to haunt your innermost feelings? Do you need a release from a situation that has brought you despair and weakness?

My friend, I want you to know that our team of experienced clinicians has the tools to empower you to maximize your coping skills in confronting traumatic events.  You no longer have to carry the weight alone. We will provide you with the tools to empower you to find inner peace from the traumatic exposure that has caused some to feel shame, distrust of others, anxiety, relationship issues, and even alcohol and substance abuse. Methods such as deep breathing, relaxation techniques, meditation, and trauma-based therapy are some of the tools our clinicians can provide to our clients.

At Commitment to Hope, we serve all of Ohio through Telehealth or in-office sessions. We even offer group counseling sessions for individuals who have suffered traumatic events and would like to be among others who can offer support and encouragement.

If you call us or choose the ‘appointment’ option, we will be prepared to provide you with a plan tailored to your situation.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to come to terms with traumatic events.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Gwenette James,

CEO Commitment to Hope

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