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Thomas Dillingham jr.



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Hello, I am Thomas Dillinghm Jr., MS LICDC, QMHS

Perhaps you have been struggling with circumstances that seem to be a mountain too high to climb. How many times have you thought you would overcome the pain, hurt, and depression that seems never to go away? Has your relationship suffered due to the stress and struggles that you have been trying to cope alone with? I want you to know that I understand how much it hurts you to feel like you have no way to solve your mountain.

With over 30 years of experience in criminal justice, education, behavioral health, and addiction. I am passionate about serving those who face life’s complex challenges and traumas of life.

I specialize in working with men with anger management concerns, substance use recovery, and father-focused parenting issues.

As a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC) and a specialist in Anger Management, I have the life-experience, skills, and knowledge to facilitate positive change and healing for my clients. My mission is to share the wisdom and lessons I have learned from being a parent, foster and adoptive parent, and grandparent. “I am who you are. I live what you live.” I believe that to whom much is given, much is required. I would be grateful and honored to share my life-experience and knowledge with you.

“Tell me your story, we’ll work through your pain.”

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