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Vicky J. Byers-Ward



Counseling Services


Teleheath Therapy


Hello, I am Vicky J. Byers, MA, LPCC

I believe that every individual is a unique and complex being and the approach I will take with your concerns/challenges is based on the information you provide and my assessment of your emotional, mental status, physical, social, spiritual, economic, and career characteristics.

My theoretical basis for counseling is based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and the bio-psychosocial approach of mind, body, body, and spirit thus working with the whole individual. I will use different methods in therapy which will allow us to focus on self-awareness, choice, problem-solving, taking responsibility, acceptance, change, and setting goals for the present and future.  Outside the counseling sessions, you may be asked to participate in homework assignments such as journal writing, reading, or other methods of self-discovery and expression.

I believe a trusting working relationship between counselor and client is important and I will strive to achieve that collaboration.  I believe that being accepted, objective, respectful, and genuine are characteristics essential in working with each client.  Overall counseling is a process in which you the client gain the knowledge and tools that will facilitate continued growth and development after therapy has ended.  Services will be rendered in a professional manner consistent with ethical standards.

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