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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Watching a beautiful sunset, I could not help but appreciate the beauty of days, including winter and summer. Even December and January can produce a beautiful sunset despite lots of snow, seemingly endless cloudy days, and bitter cold. I may have traveled through the icy and slippery roads, but I have made it safely home. A nice cup of cocoa and a warm blanket with a book to read in the offering. The outside may seem dreary, but I am in a safe space.

There is a life lesson, my friend. Despite how cloudy and dark a day may bring us, the Sun will still set another day. We may have three weeks of stormy days, but the Sun will inevitably shine again. Marriages may have conflict, and relationships may go through storms, but there is always hope. Illness may occur, and frustration may surround us, but still, there is a joy just around the corner.

How often do we forget that when the dark clouds are overhead and the wind is blowing snow that slaps our faces? Some people even suffer from seasonal depression. What is essential is having a safe space to relax and decompress. Everyone needs to be reminded once in a while that the Sun will come up again.

When relationships crumble and jobs vanish, it can seem like a stormy, snowy day. If Illness has occurred in your home, it can seem like the Sun will never show its rays again. “How can I appreciate a Sunset when all I see are cloudy days?”. My friend, it would help if you reminded yourself that tomorrow is an opportunity to renew your hope and look for a brighter day.

Dark and stormy days are not forever. Life brings us dark clouds and Sunshine, which is a good thing. The storms can be the adversity that brings us character, while the Sunny days can bring us perspective. We must remember that those challenges we face are not forever.

At Commitment to Hope we can help you see the sunshine when cloudy and stormy days appear. You can keep perspective and reach positive goals through therapy sessions. Please make an appointment, as we serve all of Ohio through telehealth therapy and have offices in Canton, Toledo, and Wickliffe.

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