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Testimonials of our Clients

Ashley Howard

I have had the privilege of working with Gwenette James as my therapist, and I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism, compassion, and expertise. From our very first session, Gwenette created a safe and welcoming environment where I felt heard and understood. Her empathetic approach, combined with her profound knowledge, has been instrumental in helping me navigate and overcome various challenges.

Gwenette is an exceptional listener who provides insightful feedback and practical strategies tailored to my specific needs. Her dedication to my well-being is evident in every session, and she consistently goes above and beyond to support my mental health journey.

What sets Gwenette apart is her genuine care and commitment to her clients. She fosters a therapeutic relationship built on trust and mutual respect, making each session a collaborative and empowering experience. Thanks to her guidance, I have gained valuable coping skills and a deeper understanding of myself.

I wholeheartedly recommend Gwenette James to anyone seeking a compassionate, skilled, and dedicated therapist. She has truly made a positive and lasting impact on my life.

Brandy Evans

I came across Commitment To Hope via my health insurance website in Nov 2022. I was in need of a therapist (a particular one). I reached out once I found one and Arnisha Rogers responded with a willingness to help.

I’m truly grateful for her services as she has helped me tremendously. She’s helped with recommending tools to help process emotions/feelings/thoughts, administering homework which allows me to work through challenges and help me process things clearly, she helps me take accountability for myself which helps me progress in my sessions.

Almost 2 years later, I could seriously write a book on how much Arnisha has helped me! She’s a therapist that’s committed to herself, her work, and her clients. I couldn’t have found a better therapist.

Jeremy Hargis

My experience with Amelia Oswalt, my therapist has been wonderful. She is well educated and extremely knowledgeable on mental health issues which has helped me improve my depression,ptsd and and anxiety disorders. I believe she truly cares and is personally vested in helping me overcome my mental health disorders. She listens with an open mind and is truly genuine. I highly recommend her if you want a phenomenal therapist!!!

Lindsey S

By far Justine Chappell is the best!!!! She’s personable understanding, compassionate and empathetic. She’s also, ethical & follows code of Professional conduct! Justine Chappell creates a safe place for me to be open and vulnerable without judgement! She’s able to explain concepts clearly and she really listens attentively. Justine is culturally aware- although we come from different ethnic backgrounds. I forget all about race because I’m that comfortable with her! She provides feedback in ways that’s understandable to me. She has in-depth knowledge of mental health issues and so many coping/therapeutic techniques that actually works!!! If you can’t tell… I’m very pleased with my therapist!

Candi Smith

I have learned alot of strategies to cope with my anxiety and emotional regulation. Working with my therapist Arnisha Rogers, I have appreciated the fact that she is non-judgmental and great at using reflective questions to help me look at situations from a different lens. She is very professional and flexible with changes. I can honestly say that I am better now than when I first started. Great at what she does!

Fatima Leaks

Gwenette james is a wonderful therapist and very patient with you, she takes her time and listens, she really cares about people and their mental health, I would recommend anyone to her and the rest of the staff are always friendly.

Tee Miller

Amazing experience with Ms Gwenette James! Very welcoming and open with you! Best place for therapy!

Debra Dexter

Gwenette James is wonderful I'm lost without her she helps me alot

Michelle Taylor-Norman

Commitment to Hope really helped me individually and also my family. The sessions were successful. The therapist listened to my concerns! My children were heard and she gave us very good strategies and exercises to do as a family. I would recommend commitment to hope to anyone I know that’s looking for counseling services.

Dior Montgomery

I have gone through numerous therapist and none of them are even comparable to Arnisha Rogers! She has shown me that therapy works and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance. I am truly grateful for her!

Shala Lynn

I have had a great experience, if anyone is in doubt about finding a therapist to help you become the best version of yourself, I Recommend Arnisha she has helped me get to a great space in my life to be better for myself as well my family. We targeted so many things that made me be a better person and knowing I am a great person and I started this journey for a great purpose. Thank you so much Arnisha you have been a rarity and it’s been great to have you!!!

Terrhonda Culberson

When I say MY therapist Arnisha Rogers is amazing, she is honest, fair and will not sugarcoat it with me, she came into my life when I needed her the most. She listen, she validates my feelings and makes me think about my answers. She has been the best ever since I have met her. She works with my schedule and is there when I need her. She has help me grow as a Mom, Sister, Niece, and as a friend. When I was looking for someone she just spoke to me and I don’t regret meeting her and talking to her.

Buckeys 4The_Win 

My therapist, Murlisa Lewis, has been nothing but wonderful within the year+ I’ve been seeing her. I appreciate everything she does when it comes to listening to my thoughts and feelings and giving me any constructive feedback when needed. I feel like she’s put in the effort to get to know me and make me feel comfortable talking with her.

Brie Maylina

I started with Arnisha Rodgers over a year ago, and have been more than satisfied with our sessions. She has given me a safe space to talk and work through my obstacles. With her I’ve learned new mental skills and practices that have heavily contributed to my lifestyle. Thanks to her, I’ve learned more about myself than I have in a very long time.

I have never felt more comfortable talking to someone, and knowing I’m being heard and listened to. My time and privacy is respected, and I look forward to my meetings. Breanna Burge is amazing!

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