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Mental Health Therapy: The suppression of depression

You don't have to go through a difficult situation alone. Depression is a place of loneliness, sadness, and despair. Have you felt like no one understands your situation? Perhaps you feel like you are in deep waters and no one can throw you a life raft. When we go through a traumatic event, it can be a scary time for even the bravest of souls. Mental health therapy is a useful tool to help individuals with mild depression and anxiety.

Often, an individual is convinced that no one can understand my situation and surely has no empathy towards my life. Sometimes reality is a kick in the gut and a slap across the face! My friend, I want you to know that your situation can be treated with warm, caring, and skilled therapists. We find that individuals who are feeling down, hopeless, and anxious need another person willing to truly listen with empathy and offer the tools to utilize for solutions to very real issues. Your situation may require coping skills or self-acceptance. Everyone has a unique need.

People like yourself seek a safe environment where self-expression, deep thought, and a listening ear are all in the same place. At Commitment to Hope, we care for our clients because we know that everyone has events that can cause anxiety, worry, and depression. Relationship issues occur to even the most well-meaning people. Our therapists provide counseling services throughout Ohio. We have offices in Toledo, Canton, and Greater Cleveland. If you feel that no one can understand your situation, let me assure you that we have a therapist who will meet you in your most difficult situation and provide you with the tools to succeed. Please make an appointment today.



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