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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Some difficult decisions will affect our life.

Which way shall I turn? How often have we seen movies that portray an individual at a fork in the road? As the individual stares, he considers whether turning left or right is appropriate. There is the unknown factor of choice and its consequences. Going this way may lead to this result, while choosing to go that way will lead to another result. As that person stares at the road, a decision must be made, which can be life-altering.

My friend, we all have our fork in the road from time to time. When we face adversity, such as conflict, trials, and even illness, there is a crossroad that requires a decision to be made. I am sure you will agree that often the decision must be made under pressure. Some circumstances require split-second decisions when we are at a fork in the road. ‘Shall I get angry and respond in kind or take a deep breath and collect my thoughts before responding?’ ‘Will I give up to this storm, or will I stand strong knowing it too shall pass?’ ‘Is this a relationship worth building, or shall I walk out the door?’

We all must face crossroads: some minor as deciding what to eat for dinner, and some major such as determining the next step in a relationship filled with conflict. Our decisions are forks that result in either a turn left or right. The results of our choices can even be life-altering. Therefore we must be equipped with the skills to make the most appropriate decision. Whether we choose to love, hate, forgive, forget, smile, or become hostile is a crossroad we must face from time to time.

At Commitment to Hope, we are here to help empower you to make the most appropriate decisions when you are at the crossroads. You can be equipped to make decisions that will give you a sense of peace. We have offices in Toledo, Canton, and Cleveland. We serve all of Ohio through telehealth therapy. Our therapists are eager to assist you in finding the gift of peace and joy for your season. Please make an appointment.

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