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Meet our CEO

CEO Commitment to Hope Gwenette James

Gwenette James, CEO

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I’m Gwenette M James, CEO and founder of Commitment to Hope Counseling Services.

At Commitment to Hope, we understand your concerns and stresses related to home, school, or work. We treat your emotional needs: anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, to name a few.  Many individuals feel they have no means of help with dealing with genuine struggles.

We bring unique and empowering tools to our clients.


  1. We are Client-Centered Approach:

    • Hope as a Foundation: We recognize that hope is essential for healing and growth in counseling. It serves as the bedrock upon which clients build resilience and navigate challenges.

    • Inviting Hope: Our therapists actively invite hope into the therapeutic space. We convey optimism, empathy, and belief in the client’s capacity for change.

    • Shared Goals: Collaboratively, we set goals for our clients. These goals become beacons of hope, guiding them toward positive outcomes.

  2. Types of Therapy and Hope:

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

      • Hope through Change: CBT emphasizes altering negative thought patterns and behaviors. Clients learn that change is possible, fostering hope.

      • Skills for Coping: Teach practical coping skills to empower clients in managing distress and achieving their desired outcomes.

    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT):

      • Hope in Acceptance: DBT combines acceptance and change. Clients learn to accept their emotions while working toward growth.

      • Validation: Validate clients’ experiences, reinforcing hope that they can navigate life’s challenges.

  3. Inviting Clients to Hope:

    • Strengths-Based Approach: Highlight clients’ strengths and past resilience. Remind them of their ability to overcome adversity.

    • Hopeful Language: Use hopeful language in sessions. Phrases like “You’re making progress” or “We’ll work through this” instill optimism.

    • Small Steps: Break down goals into manageable steps. Each achievement fuels hope for the next.

Remember, as mental health professionals, our commitment to hope is a powerful force in supporting clients on their healing journey.

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